Prices, Fees and Commission


At BuzzFli, we provide a platform that is fair to both the Pilot, the Client and BuzzFli. 

We never charge any Subscriptions or nasty Hidden fees




The price of tasks, photos and videos are all set by the Pilot.

We do not recommend pricing advice or set any prices on advertised media.


Fees: (Only paid by the Client)

To keep it simple, BuzzFli only charge fees on purchasing a product or service,

these are:


Pilot Hiring Task          $9.95

Photo Purchase           $3.95

Video Purchase           $5.95

(all prices are in USD)


Commission: (Only paid by the Pilot)

Media sales and task completion sales are subject to a 10% commission,

that’s all Pilots pay to use all the services on this platform


Hidden Fees:

None, Ever!